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Locally Grown & Produced

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@thistlewood_pottery but make it irresistibly indulgent @spicyradish

Gifted handmade pottery filled with vanilla bean creme brûlée is THE local Valentines Day gift. It was worth it to wait until the last minute 😉

Snag this and our full range of extra special Valentines Day pastries all day February 14.

Special things. Available now through Valentines Day.

#lemontart #orangecheesecake #caramelmillefeuille

For the week leading up to Valentine’s Day we plan on giving you aaaaaaalllll the reasons to skip the box of chocolates in favour of a beautiful handmade treat instead. Our pastry department aka the creative embrace of slow winter days, has been busy crafting a selection of pastries and sweet treats to share with you super soon!

🎥 caramel Mille feuille
Handmade butter puff pastry, vanilla bean cream, lace nut tuille, sponge toffee crumble

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