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These two are slinging soup at the Whitemouth craft sale today! Soups made by Hudson and Jenna to fund their school trip to Scotland and Ireland.

Frozen 1 Litre soups made in our inspected kitchen with locally grown veggies.
-Beet Borscht
-Chicken Rice
-Potato Dill
-Pumpkin Curry

🍲 We had some very special visitors cooking at the Radish today! Mrs.Foubert’s grade 2/3 class showed up with veggies from home and we all pitched in to make a super tasty batch of stone soup for them to enjoy at school. Actual stone cooked into the soup for authenticity of course 🪨

I am soooooo impressed with the wide variety of veggies that turned up, how many of them were home grown and how appetizing a big ole pot of veggies were to these children! We have a fresh generation of eager, adventurous eaters coming up and that in my opinion is a very beautiful thing.

Check out this impressive list of ingredients:
🥣 onions
🥣 potatoes, lots of potatoes
🥣 beets AND beet greens
🥣 celery
🥣 carrots
🥣 tomatoes
🥣 cauliflower & broccoli
🥣 acorn squash
🥣 garlic
🥣 lentils
🥣 kale
🥣 parsley
🥣 rice
🥣 cabbage
🥣 mushrooms

We’re wrapping up pumpkin spice season this week…but to be clear pumpkin pie doesn’t count. This beauty of a latte on the other hand, it’s days are numbered. Made in true Spicy Radish style with a homemade syrup including real homegrown pumpkin and bold enough spices to carry through the espresso with balanced sweetness. We’re proud of this one.

Currently in the R & D department…Nanaimo bar inspired latte 🍫 🥥 🍮 we’ll keep you posted 😉

Got some Halloween and fall decor still kicking around? If you want to see it composted and returned to the soil rather than landfilled we’re happy to help. Just drop it off on our patio and we’ll take care of the rest! ...

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