About the Radish

Building a special place in our community through warm welcoming service and great quality food!

Our mission, take the cliche out of the small town restaurant and do something extraordinary! In our small marketplace we want to reach and connect with all the wonderful and varied people that walk through our doors. From the family with little kids, to the couple searching for a unique spot on date night, from the burger connoisseur to the vegetarian eager to embrace locally grown products and let's not forget the bachelor that lets us cook him lunch everyday!

To do that we’ve got to stay fresh and varied. To pull that off, we keep things simple and create regular specials to give you choice without the need to get drowsy flipping through a mega sized menu. Come and discover the warmth of small town dining and the little details that set us apart from the ordinary. We are proud to serve locally grown and produced foods and are constantly seeking new ways to reduce our environmental footprint. We believe in the future of our community and are committed to treating it with care.

Spicy Radish Interior